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 Assasin lvl 50

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PostSubject: Assasin lvl 50   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:03 am

Hi guys Very Happy

My name is Sofia, im 19 and im from Denmark.. Currently i do not work, so i have loads of extra time to play in.

My main char is Dahlias.. She is an assasin lvl 50..
This is the first mmo game i have ever played, but im a very fast learner.. My boyfriend Nitrium (who has also aplied) got me hooked on Aion and i ended up becoming lvl 50 before he did.. i have played runescape for my brother when i was younger, and i got payed for lvling his char.. Diablo 2 has always been a game i have played again and again.. My and Nitrium live together and we only have one pc, so we wont be able to be online at the same time if you wish to recruit both of us.

until today i have been a legion member of Paradigma since i started playing.. I was made centurion, but since there was no leadership from the BG i wasnt granted the chance to lead paradigma to a more active and siege loving guild.. therefor i chose to leave my spot as centurion.. today i joined No limit from Castor in the hope to find leadership and dedication, but instead i found an inactive legion.. Im sad that i had to leave paradigma but it wouldnt be fair for me or my guldies to stay a place where i was unhappy.

Im a very active person in Aion and i wish to see groups and alliances in action everyday.. Everytime i logged on i asked in legion chat if anyone needed help with anything, and my second question was if anyone would like to do something.. i rarely got an answer..
I need leadership and a system.. activities and social events.. and thats why i hope to see me with a PewPew tag above my head.

im a person who speaks her mind, and who tries her best to improve and learn more..
i hope this is all the information you needed or else its just to ask Smile

Big Nyerks Sofia aka Dahlias
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Assasin lvl 50
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