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 Darick Sorcerer 50

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PostSubject: Darick Sorcerer 50   Tue May 18, 2010 1:03 pm

Name : Damien
Job : Informatic development

Nationality : French

Age : 24

Link to char profile :

Game information :
- 449 tailor
- 399 alchimist
- I ALWAYS COME TO ALL PVP PARTY : Siege/gank/rift/defence all even if i loose all my AP doesnt matter i prefer make fun pvp than PVE.
- I ALWAYS PREFER LEGION PARTY THAN Random (and all legion i join never make party)

Online experience :
I play for 4 year to lineage II (for one who know it : i make a SE 79/Sorc 80/Titan 79 and Cardinal 78 with nobless).
But last year i must stop play lineage II cause i must work on saturday and all fortress time is saturday afternoon.
After i make a quick play time of 3 mounth in WOW (and i dislike it)
At the end i see Aion in beta test, so i wait few to see what happen for this game and follow all news. Six mounth ago i join AION community on Castor server with my old Lineage II friend clan member.

My goal :
Endgame/pvp party/siege with legion member and not with random players. I want participate to all pvp action in this game.

Time play and general informations :
- I play all evening when i'm at home (i have son and wife so i can make some afk in my playtime but i always prepare lot of hour free with no stop in weeks)
- i'm a insomniac ppl so i can see me log in aion at 2h or 4h in morning : its not a bot or a mistake i play at night when i cant sleep
- I take all my time to grow up 50 cause i want to discover all the game before.
- Yea i know my stuff is not full gold and no abyss items full but i work on atm, but i'm not an instance farmer and i always prefer go pvp than farming so my stuff is not full.
- Atm no twink char.

I know your legion is full atm but if you look for one active member i'm here.
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Darick Sorcerer 50
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