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 Rihna, SpiritMaster 47lvl

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PostSubject: Rihna, SpiritMaster 47lvl   Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:42 am

Name: Andrew

Nationality: Greek

Age: 28

Link Char Profile: http://uk.aiononline.com/livestatus/character-legion/search?charID=230132&serverID=33

Online Experience: 2 years Lineage2 and 5 years WoW

Goal: EndGame

Generally: Hey guys, i am just a new Aion's player(not even a mounth) looking for a hardcore Legion and i think yours is my first chance to get my self to next the level of online gaming. Generally i am online for about 14 hours per day mostly farming around and basically.. sieges. I admire Malothar, the reason is that when every1 flaming around and blaming the server, this guy with only a few words brings the peace and the job(siege) done as naturally. In case that you need to ask me about my onine experience you may find me at my twink char, Hypershot(is under building).
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Rihna, SpiritMaster 47lvl
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