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 lvl 50 chanter wtj

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PostSubject: lvl 50 chanter wtj   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:48 pm

Name: Thomas
Country: Hungary
Age: 28
Job: Architekt
Primary/Secondary languages: Hungarian/English
You can contact with me: ICQ,MSN,E-mail

IN-GAME NAME: Sorobon http://uk.aiononline.com/livestatus/character-legion/search?charID=81181&serverID=33
Crafting choice: Alchemy 412, cooking 365

My daily online: On weakdays usually 6 hours/day, on weekends usually almost all the day.
My previous MMORPG experiences are Lineage2, WoW.
I have Ventrilo and a WORKING headset, and i have a good internet connection.
I like the pve/pvp sides too and im a good party player.
I prefer the PewPew because it looks like a great legion with nice results, players.
What can i give to the legion? I think im a minded, friendly, and mature player. Im always up grouping for instances and enjoying the end-game such as DP/Dredgion/Sieges/Rifts etc. i want to become part of this guild because i wanna meet new people and im willing to help on pvp and other things that might be needed.
If anyone has any question feel free to ask it, ty your time.
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lvl 50 chanter wtj
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